Welcome to the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Program website

The Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) requires that an annually increasing percentage of electricity sold to retail customers in Pennsylvania is from alternative energy sources. The program requires that retail energy suppliers utilize Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) for demonstrating compliance with the standard. An AEC is created each time a qualified alternative energy facility produces 1000 kWh of electricity. The AEC is then be sold or traded separately from the power. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to finance and invest in clean, emission free solar power.

This website provides a portal for the application and registration of alternative energy facilities that qualify for the AEPS program.

To be qualified as an alternative energy facility under this program, an application must be submitted. Once your application is approved, you will be able to generate AECs under this program. Please follow the instructions for submitting your application to qualify your facility.

For alternative energy facilities that are interconnected to the PJM or MISO transmission system, your AECs will be deposited directly into your PJM-GATS account once your application has been approved and your facility has been accepted into the program.

Please note that aggregators need to submit an application for each facility they represent. All facilities will receive an individual certification number.

Implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004

The PA Public Utility Commission has retained Clean Power Markets to function as the Program Administrator for the implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004, as amended ("AEPS Act" or "Act") . These functions include:

The Program Administrator reports directly to the Public Utility Commission and functions under their direction.

For questions about the PA AEPS Program or this web site, contact:

Clean Power Markets, Inc.
PA AEPS Program Administrator
Phone: 1-877-AEPS-773 (1-877-237-7773)
Faxed To: (610) 444-9213
On the coversheet please indicate it is to the attention of: The Pennsylvania AEPS Program Manager admin@paaeps.com

Click Here for instructions for registering your facility.

Should you encounter any problems during your registration, please contact the Program Administrator:

There are several important points regarding the program that we would like to make you aware of.
  1. Please be sure to register your system as soon as possible. Certificate creation begins from date of application, not system start date. A reading from your revenue grade meter (if installed), or the total across all inverters, is required at the time of application. If a revenue grade meter is installed at your inverters, the reading must come from it.
  2. All systems registered with the administrator will be subject to possible inspection. A representative from the Program Administrator team will contact the system owner (and/or aggregator) to schedule a time for the inspection. The inspection will verify system output and verify system parameters.
  3. Any system without a PA certification number will not be allowed to accrue credits to be used for the PA AEPS.
  4. If there are any changes to the system including system ownership, the administrator must be contacted. Changes to the system include: System ownership, system size, inverter replacement and system shutdown for any period of time.
  5. If you have a contract with an aggregator, and the contract is scheduled to expire within two months, a notice will go out to the system owner and aggregator, provided the contract has been submitted to the administrator with an expiration date. If a new contract is not submitted by the expiration date, generation data will revert to the system owner for tracking and future crediting purposes. At that time, GATS will be notified and the system will be restricted from accruing certificates until the AEPS program administrator notifies the GATS administrator of the new contract.
  6. If a system owner is in dispute with their aggregator, they can notify the AEPS program administrator. Notification will go out to the aggregator and the system owner that the administrator has been contacted. Should the situation not resolve itself within 30 days, the system generation data will be held in GATS pending resolution.