Facility Application

Facilities that seek to be qualified as an alternative energy system under Pennsylvania"s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard need to apply to the Commonwealth for qualification. Clean Power Markets, Inc. (CPM) has been designated as the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Program Administrator, and will be working as an agent of the Commonwealth in this regard. The Program Administrator will be performing the review of all applications, and will respond to all applicants" requests and questions. Decisions as to whether a facility qualifies will be made by the Program Administrator, based on: 1) Act 213 of 2004, the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act; 2) subsequent amendments to the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act; and 3) guidance from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Home Solar Facility Owners: Step by Step instructions can be found at: Instructions for Creating a New Account and Registering a New Small Facility

When an application is received, the Program Administrator will perform the following steps to qualify facilities:

If a facility meets all of the requirements, it will be qualified for alternative energy system status and assigned a Pennsylvania state certification number. The Program Administrator will inform the applicant, in writing, of its certification, which should occur 30 business days after receipt of the application. If there are discrepancies in the information, the Program Administrator will inform the applicant, in writing, of these discrepancies during the review process.

If an application for qualification is not granted, the applicant can appeal the decision to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The Commission will review the appeal and render a final decision on the application.

Note about fuels:

1. Facilities that use the following fuels will be eligible to generate alternative energy credits once they have been qualified:

Note that all facilities utilizing the above fuels must update their applications whenever their environmental permits are reauthorized.

2. A facility using the following fuels as either their primary or secondary fuel will be required to submit a new attestation and environmental compliance form annually by January 31st to the Program Administrator. A notification and reminder will be sent out each year.

1 Facilities seeking to qualify as Low-Impact Hydropower: Those facilities should notify the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that they are seeking LIHI certification at the time of their application to LIHI and provide the DEP with confirmation of their LIHI certification. Those facilities should provide a narrative outlining the incremental upgrades that have been made at their hydroelectric facility, specifically outlining the capacity and efficiency upgrades that have been made. Alternative energy credits for facilities determined to meet the certification standards established by LIHI will be awarded based on the guidance found in the DEP’s Section 2 Technical Guidance Document.

Forms - Online *

All New Facilities are required to submit an Application

Customer sited facilities must also complete an "Attestation Form".
All Solar, Wind and General Facility applications must be filled out online. In order to fill out an application for certification, please create a new account. After you have logged in, click on "Add a Facility" to access the online application forms. If you require a .pdf for internal sign-off, please contact the program administrator.


* The DSM/EE forms can be downloaded and submitted electronically. Submitting this application involves:
  1. Fill out the "Online General Facility Application".
  2. Attach the DSM/EE form to the new Facility.

admin@paaeps.com Subject Line: AEPS Resource Qualification Application.

Or Faxed To: (610) 444-9213
On the coversheet please indicate it is to the attention of: The Pennsylvania AEPS Program Manager

For questions, please contact:

Dina M. Deana
Pennsylvania AEPS Program Manager
Clean Power Markets, Inc.
Phone: 1-877-AEPS-773 (1-877-237-7773)
Fax: (610) 444-9213 On the coversheet please indicate it is to the attention of: The Pennsylvania AEPS Program Manager
E: admin@paaeps.com